Tell us about yourself
Born and raised in Oregon, I grew up playing drums and been in a few joke bands that never went anywhere. I could never find anyone interested in what I wanted to create and fuck with. I started making noise on the computer with FL Studio when I was 15 with FL Studio just making grindcore, weird noise-rap beats, and just a bunch of harsh noise. A few years back I picked up Ableton and started honing down my "sound" or I just was able to organize the shit I was creating better so it was more listenable IMO.

Have you been involved in any beat battles?
No, but I do frequently visit a bi-weekly meet-up of producers organized in Portland at the Crown Room.
Tell us about this West Coast Tour.
Well I had been approached by DMN SLYR (Beat Cinema) and Sleeve (Liquid Geometry) down in Southern California about helping them book shows in Portland and ended up playing at Stop-Biting in Seattle with them for my 2nd show ever. So I helped them out and had some talks about playing down at Beat Cinema, so that's how that came to be.

For Low End Theory, I had approached one of my favorite female producers in the game right now , Dot , who was working on her debut release for Alpha Pup Records , about doing a remix swap for my EP release and her release.
DJ Nobody got wind of it and asked me to play Low End Theory. I told him about my tour I was planning, which also included Resonate in Stockton, CA, PDneXt in Portland as my closure show, opening for Mono/Poly with the Dropping Gems crew in Portland as my kick off show. It all kind of just came together. I'm actually kind of surprised.

Im excited for you! Low End Theory with Dabrye, Damn!!!
So who are some of the people you listen to?
Yeah, I'm honored to be able to share the stage with a lot of the people I look up to on every single date of the tour. I can't wait. I listen to just about anything. Def depends on my mood. Lots of Gucci Mane, Juicy J, Shlohmo, cestladore, Balam Accab, Damscray, Machinedrum, ELOS, Dro Carey, ELOQ, Bok Bok, Zomby and Samartian to name a few of the regulars. I also spend a lot of time on soundcloud searching by country just to see what kind of random gems I can find. I'm digging a lot of shit coming out of Russia for sure.

You just put me up on mad heads I am not aware of.
Do you have releases in the near future we need to look out for?
I'd say keep your eyes peeled. I'm working on a ton of new material for my tour and another EP that I'm gonna send to a label I cannot mention quite yet. I'm also producing tracks for a few rappers I've networked with that I'm pretty excited about (also can't mention names). I think 2012 is gonna be pretty busy, I'm stoked.
What is the best way for folks to listen to your music right now?
my HOOD SHIT EP is available for free download at, but I would suggest following me on soundcloud or on facebook because I'm always posting new shit on there. If you live near any of my upcoming tour dates and wanna hear some unreleased shit then come check me out.

Thats word! Thank you for your time broski and keep me up to date on the new joints!!

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