Whats up with Poetiq Beatz these days? Keepin busy?
Lately  I'm more in demand for my mixes than beats... I've picked up a few projects where you'll start seeing me on the engineering credits... right now prepping to move the studio to Vallejo next week

OOOO Damn. Your from Oakland right?
Yeah, born and raised... this will be the first time I've moved out of the East Bay

Getting credits on albums must be nice. I see you had a beat on an E-40 album this last year. What was that whole experience like?
Everything has it's highs n lows... The way the E-40 placement came together, is a great example of 6 degrees of separation really... I'm really good friends with the producer CMT, (who used to produce with EA-SKI) who is really good friends with 40. he came thru one day and had me put a beat disc together just to listen to, he gets in the lab with 40, who at the time was looking for beats... my name came up, and 40 liked 3 tracks initially, but only kept one for the project... from there it was contracts, phone calls & cash in hand! lol

Wow! That is exciting. Good job. I am a big Poetiq Beatz fan from the beat battles you have been in. What's it like, 20 wins and counting? Whats that like?
Thanks for the support man! the support is mutual... yeah, at the moment its locked at 20 wins... for me its surreal... i'm always second guessing myself as a competitor, so its a big shock to me winning so many

You have had some stiff competition. What was your favorite beat battle experience?
I actually have 2 really fond memories, one in particular was for the first grind time battle i was in... i had a head to head battle against the homie Dibiase, he came to the crib the day before to make beats and trade ideas, its funny, i think we were battling each other with ideas the whole night, he crashed out on the floor in the lab, and i crashed out while making a beat! lol the next morning he asked to hear what i made in my sleep, he was BLOWN AWAY! i think it shook his confidence a little for our battle in which i beat him...

at that battle, i met the homie Sol Eternity, who i had been a fan of FOR YEARS before the battle, seeing his excitement when I introduced myself to him was huge for me, he was like "dude! I've been following your battles, I'm a big fan bro!!" crazy!

Thats whats up!!!!! Alright , final question, where can folks go to get Poetiq's Beetz and catch some quality mixing?
Werd! the best way to catch me is by facebook or twitter but if anybody wants to get at me for mixing they can email me at getpoetiq@gmail.com

Thank you for giving me some of your time.
All good bro!

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