Give us the whole deal, crew, city, years in the game, ect.
I'm 15 years old, sun of Mellow Man Ace, nephew to Sen Dog of Cypress Hill. Grew up majority in Granada Hills, been making beats since I was 13, got signed to Delicious Vinyl at 14 with my father, as the crew titled ' The ZZYZZX '.

Big shoes. Looks like you got the nak though. What are you using in the studio? Weapons of choice?
There's really no method to it. Or a usual one at least. Sometimes I'll loop stuff up on a 4 track, sometimes I'll chop stuff up on my drum machine. It varies from time to time. What ever I'm feeling at that moment. The same gear my peers use really.

Tell me more about The ZZYZZX. What does it stand for?
The ZZYZZX is anything that has a paradox. The black, the white. The good, the bad. Build, destroy. Hence, The Father and The Sun. We 1st came up with the idea on our way to do a show in Las Vegas. Half way there, around Baker, CA, you see this bugged out ass place called 'ZZYZX road'. Pops was like, "Yo, that shit is bugged...". I came up with a bugged out synth + sample beat at the hotel that night, which became our debut single, "The ZZYZZX (What Is It?)".
My Dad shopped his previous solo album to Delicious Vinyl, but Mike Ross, the owner, said that his record was too serious. On his way out of the meeting, my Dad slid Mike a rough demo cut of "The ZZYZZX". Mike called my Dad 30 minutes and was like "What the fuck is this shit?"

Needless to say, we got signed during Christmas break.

Have you ever been in any Beat Battles?
I haven't actually. It's kinda fucked up. A lot of battle promoters stay away from me because I'm under 21, and can't get into most clubs unless I'm performing. I'd love to get in some beat battles though.

Well now, we might have to make that happen for you.
When you perform on stage do you play live using drum machines, samplers, keys?
That'd be awesome! What ever you could do, that'd be maddd appreciated. Thank you.

I load show versions (songs with out verses, just hooks) into my Roland 404 sx. For extra effects and filters, I use my Korg Mini-KP. Between the two, you get a nice canvas to transform what ever you're performing. If I was to do a beat battle or beat show, I'd probably take my laptop with my set up. Just for more control over what's playing.

Who are your top five producer favorites right now?
Ah, I love this question!! Dam... ok. 1st would have to be Flying Lotus. 2nd, my good man Dibiase. 3rd would be Knxwledge, his chops are second to none. 4th goes to Jneiro Jarel for his master craftsmanship. 5th, honestly, I'd have to chose myself lol. Pops always says if you don't give yourself any credit, no one will. And of course, I admire the OGs.

Thats Word. Last question, where can we find your beats, albums, downloads, ect?
"The ZZYZZX (What Is It?)" single is out on digital (amazon, itunes, etc) and on vinyl, and also has a B-Side cut, "Battle Anybody" featuring Masta Ace. 2nd ZZYZZX single coming out soon this year on Delicious Vinyl, featuring Monie Love of the legendary Native Tongues. I'm working on The ZZYZZX 1st album and my debut instrumental album as well. has the fly b-cuts and beats though.

Thank you for your time and much respect. Keep making the fresh beats.
Thank you for this opportunity. Z's up ya'll


2/1/2012 12:54:18 am

the youngster is truly blessed. when you have the genes-plus the support and the tools all you need is the motivation; obviously this dude has it all alongside a firm grasp of natural creativeness...i dig it, peace. prevolution...a positive revolution.


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