A true Beat Enthusiast, Ikabod Bum is out and around the planet. He is about to release his next collabo project - RAW DATA in SPACE. As one of his close comrades I have been itching to peep this for a long second now. MARCH 7th couldn't come any quicker!!! Be on the look out. For more info on the official release chick HERE

RAW DATA in SPACE......Featuring new material from DAILON, JAYLOTUS, ION THE PRIZE, WEIRDDOUGH, PAWCUT, CACHE and more...is the follow-up beatstrumental compilation to Ikabod Bum's "Raw Data Chips" (March 2012) that will further explore the dimensions of space-hop, future funk and electronic fusion, yet maintain the exposed edges of the first. Like Raw Data Chips the contributing artists represent a blend of the rapidly expanding Nor Cal beat scene and the worldwide beat scene as a who...le.

The project features the ill cosmic stylings of...
- Dailon (Nor Cal),
- JayLotus (Houston, TX) and
- Ion the Prize (Nor Cal);

...seismic space baps from...
- 4th Dimension (U.K.),
- Cache (Nor Cal),
- OLOS (Oak Park, MI) and
- Weirddough (Las Vegas, NV);

...and the established standard rawness of the likes of Sirkri (France), KN1 (Nor Cal), Pawcut (Germany), Mieksneak (Nor Cal), Dusty Ohms (U.K.), hLX (Germany), PhillipDrummond (Nor Cal), Roy-Al (Nor Cal), and Scottie Pimpin (Nor Cal).

Of course the project will feature previously unreleased material from Ikabod Bum. This release will be a free download and is Ikabod's way of contributing back to scene from which so much excellent music is rocked and enjoyed.

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