Can you give us a little backround on K.Pizzle.
K.P./K.Pizzle. I Make Beats/I Make And Spin Records in the 559. Fresno California. Name came from drum and bass DJ Hyena. We took an art class in High School and he started a comic character named KavorkianPorkian based around me. So just rolled with it, later shortened it down to K.P. and now K.Pizzle. Anyhow, been at it since High School keeping Head Nodding And Bodies Rocking.

Man, Tri Deez Nutz, you been working killer! Love the beats. What do you feel is the most important first step in creating a beat for you?
TRI Deez Nutz Was like 3 years of feeling it, to not feeling it, to feeling it. maybe cause i didn't know where to start i would just go at it and force a beat out. lately i just been making them when i feel like making them. making sure i have everything i need for the next 3 hours so i don't have to leave the room. get lifted and dig. so probably just gettin' my head right and relaxing

You are also a D.J. Where do you dig?
I spin records. where ever there's wax I'll usually get my fingers tips dusty. I'm a collector tho. you know when you go to a record shop, and you keep seeing the same records? well I'm the dude who keeps buying it. i swear i have like 10 of the same Eddie Fisher "Bring Back the Thrill" album. not cause its dope, i just got tired of seeing it in there for 25 cents. fuck it, ill cop it for a quarter. I'm a collector of wax.

I can dig it. I have a grip of Bob James One albums for the same reason. Tell us about 3am.
The mighty mighty 3AM started with Miguel and Awbskure. we all knew each other for years. While working on Shon J's "2U" project Miguel was like, "yo, Lets just called this crew 3AM Crew (Shon J, Awbskure, Miguel, And Myself)." Basically because were all doing the same thing making beats and what not. but yeah it really started with Miguel and Awbskure. They been grinding for years working with DJ Khalil, Muggs, El Prez, Cali Agents, UNI, etc. They got a project coming out soon called "Mercy Chords" which hopefully will be dropping on the soul Assassins Label.

Damn, thats awesome. So, beat battles, you have been a serious competitor in all of the battles I've had. How many have you been in? Whats your take on the beat battle scene?
I think i have been in like 2 or 3 of your battles and i love them! I wish we had the same scene here in my town. The first one i was in of yours was the King Of Monster Beat Battle when you had Exile out there in Tracy. and me and Poetiq in The finals. that was some shit. Yeah, I love Beat Battles/showcases. If it wasn't for the beat battle scene no one would know the cute son of a bitch named pizzle ha.

The Future, where does it lead?
Idk really, I'm just gonna keep knocking out beats. Got some beats to a few artist and crews so hopefully I get some placements. New Beat c.d coming soon along with a series of mix tapes. Other than that waiting for u to invite me back to the 209.

Word life. You will 1st on my list! Thanks for your time broski.

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