You just dropped an album "From the Cold Dark", was there a formula to making this album? Motivation?
The short answer is "No," there was no formula and there usually isn't. Its funny because many times when the creative process (whether the beat or lyrics) is in motion, even ideas that I set out to accomplish deliberately morph into a life of its own and often into to different directions than initially intended. The theme of the album however is definitely true and re-occuring throughout, however. The album comes out of some difficult and perspective changing times which simply ooze out of the songs. Even the soundscape reflects older, colder equipment than what I have now because I wanted to keep the overall sound cohesive.

As for motivation, that's always fairly easy and organic. I love odd beats, and honest meaningful writing. Its what I listen for in most of my favorite beat-based/hip-hop music. I know what I like, and my primary motivation is to make something I like to listen to. I believe we all should share the gifts that God has given us. o_O

You have been in the Hip Hop game for a while now. What did you start out using to make music?
Those infamous lunch room tables. For real. ...trying to mimic beats from some of my favorite tracks. You learn kick and snare patterns without ever having a drum set. First bonafide piece of equipment I ever paid money for, however, was an Ensoniq ASR-10...bought with settlement money from a car accident I was in. It was the same keyboard/sampler that RZA made 36 Chambers on, and the Roots made their first album on. So I thought I was THE ultimate super producer when I got it. Ha. o_O

Asr is a nice peice of equipment.

You have built quite a presence on Soundcloud, Facebook and such. What would be some advice you could give to artists trying to make their presence known on social media sites?
Dude, its a renaissance going on right now that many don't realize because of its present tense. Kinda like the 90's golden era that not many would have called the golden era chillin in the 90's. Right? The advice that I believe would be most appropriate to most, is jump in and be apart of what's going now. Bro, I'm a beatmaker from Modesto, CA. I jumped in beat battles from here to SF to LA. Went from no followers to 1000+ followers. I ain't no supa star. I'm it, you know. Use those gifts God gave you and folks will recognize. o_O

You always drop knowledge. As for the beat battles, what are some things you like and dislike about them?
Healthy competition is almost always good. Brings the scene together. Exposes and pushes otherwise closet beat makers. And "battles" are fairly traditional for hip-hop...all elements. My least favorite thing about 'em though is the tendency to obscure the fact that this is art. Art is not really meant to "battle" against art. And the emphasis transforms from unique expression to trying to reproduce that winning, populous sound or technique. o_O

Can you name your top five favorite beat makers right now (besides me, hahahaha)?
Top five right now....mad difficult [dang plus you say besides you!]... Off the cuff I'd say the following (in no particular order): OffBeatKiD (Russia) and Matt Miller (New Zealand) have been killin it in my head phones as of late. Marley Marl may be my all time favorite (produced Chubb Rock, Masta Ace, Special Ed, Kool G Rap). And I get fairly consistent soundcloud downloads come from TallBlackGuy as well as Jondis. These dudes do work. o_O

So whats next for Ikabod Bumm?
Bro, I'm juiced about the projects in the works for this year. The next release is RAW.DATA.CHIPS scheduled for March, Lord willin. Its an array of beatstrumentals I've compiled from cats in my Nor-Cal scene to soundcloud brethren as far Britain (UK). Submissions I received for this compilation are like mega sick. Later this summer I'll be releasing a beatstrumental EP of my own: RISE OF THE IKABOTS. Beat battle season is also coming up, but will be second fiddle this year. I'm also working on a digital release with the lead singer from the Sleeves, mUsick. She/they do awesome work. God has been real good to your bro, man. ....hey quick shout out to Coco Nutty, Hypeski, Crush, PointDexter, LJ, Tonda, Beatnerds, 3am crew, Kritit Boi, Drew James, Dendroid, the homie Jake and the IkaBots. o_O

WOrd. Thank you for letting me take some time out your life for this and keep me updated on the next.
Word Perk. Its dope to be a part of what you're doing. For real. o_O

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