So, how long have you been rapping?
Since 1997 (really taking it serious)

You have been making waves for a while now. Whats your motivation?
Respect... I'm trying to gather as much as i can, it's like my treasure hunt. I want people to tell my kids how passionate I was @ trying to move people. I want to connect with everyone... by giving them all i have, the pain, the laughter, the confusion, the confidence, the love & the hate... if i can do that, then I've done it all... material isn't a legacy.. and that's what i want... to have a legacy...that lives on, when I'm gone.

Im a fan of Squalid. What will I be seeing in the near future? Any upcoming albums, mixtapes, ect?
I'm finishing an album called "If time had a place" prod. by Drew James of Polygraph Music & I have 3 ep's to finish this year... I will also put out a free online mix of past tracks & songs "Without A Home" per say, launch my website...merch & more music videos etc..I'm trying a lot harder to pretend I'm relevant

You have quite a collection of Fun Facts about yourself. What is the one that stands out from the rest? The most important Fun Fact about Squalid.
Hmmmmm? Now I wish I kept better track of them.. I would have to say all of them are important if you give a shit about me on any level at all... because there all honest. details, opinions, experiences, 100% real 100% me. no matter how annoying, strange or uninteresting they may be.

Last question. Who are your biggest influences in this music thing?
There isn't one thing that hasn't or doesn't influence me. The icons, the has beens, the never was, the trends, the gimmicks, the greed of it, corporate influence etc. Everything we see & hear & feel is an influence & my kids... I watch what they like... what makes them move. the songs they like. I love to watch them sing my songs & ask me questions..The "whys" & the "whats"etc. People without children will never understand that. Being a father puts you that much closer to the ground... (trying to keep up with this music shit, is the biggest influence)

Good answer. Thank you for your time broski. By the way, keep getting influenced cause you got heart and soul.
Thx brother

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Boring Buddies
1/28/2012 01:34:53 pm

Haha ... this guy is joking right ?

Gangster Vision
1/28/2012 01:37:00 pm

This is a true true Gangster .......

Ice Monsters
1/28/2012 01:43:32 pm

Dry Ice on testicals

1/29/2012 12:06:33 pm

Yup big jokster.... This is interesting perk lol


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