Whats up Dibiase? Whats new these days?
Chillin ,  well not really chillin,lol. Just wrapped up my 2nd full length lp "LOONEY GOONS" Just got the mastered mix last night. Now me and Nasrockswell working on cover artwork as well . Turning that in tomorrow. Then off to vinyl plant for pressing. Then going on my first Australia/NZ tour first 2 weeks in April. I'm excited for that. Then the record release LA / SF and other dates in May. Then the 90's R&B flips project and same process all over ,but Europe Tour instead. It's just me and Nasrockswell (10thirty records) Straight DIY mode from tours to releasing projects at this point.

 You are a beat battle veteran, when did you first start entering beat battles? 
 Lol at the veteran comment. I started entering beat battles in 04 i believe. The Rehab battles, when u bring your mpc to the spot ,and everyone would flip the same record use same drumbreak album to choose drums in 2hrs. I won 4 of them joints in a row. Then started entering the Hotel Room beat battles in 05 or 06 won / lost some of those .Then 08 entered the Red Bull Big Tune battles. Now I'm retired from the battles , it's all about releasing projects and touring. I been in the trenches i put my work in that that area. A good 6 years of battling ,  longer then some producers/beatmakers been in the game.lol

Can you shed a little light for the folks as to the whole "Green Llama" thing?
Green Llama is a movement. We all scattered across the map. Originally Ill Don (NYC) and Fluent ( Pennsylvania,PA) started the llamas. Then u got Selfish and Decay in the windy city ( Chicago) Tone Liv and B Stilt in ( New Jersey) Vincent Price and Varan in (NC) Butta  Verses is in ( Florida) Then me and the lady llama Nasrockswell is in (SAC) holdin it down in the westcoast .

What does it stand for?
Well in the old Green Llama radio show the llama represents wisdom ,and the color  green represents justice.l We put our own twist on the meaning to make it relevant to our sound . Well you know what green could represent if your'e into to chiefin .lol and the llama is an animal that will spit on anything or a weapon of some sort. Besides everyone wants to be a dog or wolf .lol

I really dig the way you make your flips kinda unpredictable. What producers were you influenced by growing up?
Jay Dee way b4 Donuts and vol.2 was out , Erick Sermon, Primo ,Beatminerz, Bomb Squad, vintage Rza, vintage Dj Quik, Tribe Called Quest. even some of Leaders of the New School productions. Domino from Hiero. J Swift production for Pharcyde ,  Organized Konfusion production in my early high school days b4 touching a sampler. 

Any new projects we should keep an eye out for? 
Perhaps something on bandcamp during the week, "LOONEY GOONS" in April , 90 r&b flips in the summer for now . Also a project with Quelle and Knxwledge called "Balance" and "Escape from Llama Island", and some surprise projects which I cant mention now but will be heavy.

NEW RECORD LABEL - 10thirty Records

Last question, is there anyone in particular you want to make a beat for?
Guilty simpson, Elzhi , MF Doom , Jay Electronica, Count Bass D to name a few, but i'm real picky on emcee's just like emcee's are real picky about beats well the emcee's who have no right to be at least. lol

Thank you for your time Dibiase!!!

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