For those who are unaware, who is Danny Dandiggity Le?
I’m just a 30-year-old Vietnamese American who has been heavily influenced by Hip Hop, community work, and literature. I reside in San Jose, California and been active in the arts scene here as both a participant and organizer. I gave myself the name “Dandiggity” back in 2001 when I couldn’t figure out a cool name to use as an alias. I was listening to Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” and well, the rest is history. People have been calling me “The Mayor” as of late and it’s very flattering. But don’t expect me to be running for office anytime soon.

Who designs the South East Beast Clothing?
I have several designers I work with, but my closest collaborator is Sam Rodriguez AKA Shorty Fatz. We come up with some great concepts together, mostly from joking around. South East Beast is brand that hopes to expand on the notions of Third World Cultures, specifically the South East Asian cultures in America. We might be doing apparel now but the brand is more than clothing, or cool products. It’s a message of educating and informing this generation of youth about emerging cultures within established circles. Life is ever changing.

You guys got a serious scene in San Jose, who are the major playmakers to look out for?
San Jose has been blessed with decades of talented artists and individuals, homegrown and transplanted. It’s only within the last few years that things have grown and taken off. It’s hard to pinpoint where and when it started, but I believe it was a collective response to the dire need to showcase this city’s talent. As far as who to look out for it all depends on what area you’re trying to focus on. In terms of streetwear Cukui, Breezy Excursions, Clout, Booger Kids, Halloway, and a group of other folks are brands you want to keep an ear to. Musically it’s even harder to narrow down that field. The Bangerz, Anya, Case In Theory, Opski Chan, B.Lewis, BEVMO SJ, Isolated Wax Records, Rey Resurrection, DJ Basura, Profesor Panson, Joob, Wish One, Worker Bee, April Chase, Soapbox Melodics, Me Gusta, Hawk Jones… I can go on for days. There are so many folks. So forgive me if I can’t name them all.

Whats in the future for Danny?
For now I decided to concentrate on building on the brands and crews I’m currently affiliated with. Turning 30 made me realize I took on a lot of projects and experiences in my past, but now I have to down size just because I’m not as young (haha) and free as I once was. I’m trying to refine and make all my associations successful and fun. You know, live off something I’m happy doing as a career. But, if something new pops up (which often happens unannounced) I’ll weigh my options. Got to keep it fresh, you know?

What are you currently listening to?
The Internet, The Weeknd, Leonard Dstroy, BADBADNOTGOOD, Latyrx, Foreign Exchange, Sonnymoon, Radiohead, Joker, Mayer Hawthorne. These are just currently. And I tend to switch up when my mood changes. I been listening to a lot of BBC radio lately. They always got the newest tracks on those shows.

Last question, Where is the South East Beast character logo shirts at?
They are coming homie. Trust.





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