Give us the whole deal, crew, city, years in the game, ect.
I'm 15 years old, sun of Mellow Man Ace, nephew to Sen Dog of Cypress Hill. Grew up majority in Granada Hills, been making beats since I was 13, got signed to Delicious Vinyl at 14 with my father, as the crew titled ' The ZZYZZX '.

Big shoes. Looks like you got the nak though. What are you using in the studio? Weapons of choice?
There's really no method to it. Or a usual one at least. Sometimes I'll loop stuff up on a 4 track, sometimes I'll chop stuff up on my drum machine. It varies from time to time. What ever I'm feeling at that moment. The same gear my peers use really.

Tell me more about The ZZYZZX. What does it stand for?
The ZZYZZX is anything that has a paradox. The black, the white. The good, the bad. Build, destroy. Hence, The Father and The Sun. We 1st came up with the idea on our way to do a show in Las Vegas. Half way there, around Baker, CA, you see this bugged out ass place called 'ZZYZX road'. Pops was like, "Yo, that shit is bugged...". I came up with a bugged out synth + sample beat at the hotel that night, which became our debut single, "The ZZYZZX (What Is It?)".
My Dad shopped his previous solo album to Delicious Vinyl, but Mike Ross, the owner, said that his record was too serious. On his way out of the meeting, my Dad slid Mike a rough demo cut of "The ZZYZZX". Mike called my Dad 30 minutes and was like "What the fuck is this shit?"

Needless to say, we got signed during Christmas break.

Have you ever been in any Beat Battles?
I haven't actually. It's kinda fucked up. A lot of battle promoters stay away from me because I'm under 21, and can't get into most clubs unless I'm performing. I'd love to get in some beat battles though.

Well now, we might have to make that happen for you.
When you perform on stage do you play live using drum machines, samplers, keys?
That'd be awesome! What ever you could do, that'd be maddd appreciated. Thank you.

I load show versions (songs with out verses, just hooks) into my Roland 404 sx. For extra effects and filters, I use my Korg Mini-KP. Between the two, you get a nice canvas to transform what ever you're performing. If I was to do a beat battle or beat show, I'd probably take my laptop with my set up. Just for more control over what's playing.

Who are your top five producer favorites right now?
Ah, I love this question!! Dam... ok. 1st would have to be Flying Lotus. 2nd, my good man Dibiase. 3rd would be Knxwledge, his chops are second to none. 4th goes to Jneiro Jarel for his master craftsmanship. 5th, honestly, I'd have to chose myself lol. Pops always says if you don't give yourself any credit, no one will. And of course, I admire the OGs.

Thats Word. Last question, where can we find your beats, albums, downloads, ect?
"The ZZYZZX (What Is It?)" single is out on digital (amazon, itunes, etc) and on vinyl, and also has a B-Side cut, "Battle Anybody" featuring Masta Ace. 2nd ZZYZZX single coming out soon this year on Delicious Vinyl, featuring Monie Love of the legendary Native Tongues. I'm working on The ZZYZZX 1st album and my debut instrumental album as well. has the fly b-cuts and beats though.

Thank you for your time and much respect. Keep making the fresh beats.
Thank you for this opportunity. Z's up ya'll


Whats up with Poetiq Beatz these days? Keepin busy?
Lately  I'm more in demand for my mixes than beats... I've picked up a few projects where you'll start seeing me on the engineering credits... right now prepping to move the studio to Vallejo next week

OOOO Damn. Your from Oakland right?
Yeah, born and raised... this will be the first time I've moved out of the East Bay

Getting credits on albums must be nice. I see you had a beat on an E-40 album this last year. What was that whole experience like?
Everything has it's highs n lows... The way the E-40 placement came together, is a great example of 6 degrees of separation really... I'm really good friends with the producer CMT, (who used to produce with EA-SKI) who is really good friends with 40. he came thru one day and had me put a beat disc together just to listen to, he gets in the lab with 40, who at the time was looking for beats... my name came up, and 40 liked 3 tracks initially, but only kept one for the project... from there it was contracts, phone calls & cash in hand! lol

Wow! That is exciting. Good job. I am a big Poetiq Beatz fan from the beat battles you have been in. What's it like, 20 wins and counting? Whats that like?
Thanks for the support man! the support is mutual... yeah, at the moment its locked at 20 wins... for me its surreal... i'm always second guessing myself as a competitor, so its a big shock to me winning so many

You have had some stiff competition. What was your favorite beat battle experience?
I actually have 2 really fond memories, one in particular was for the first grind time battle i was in... i had a head to head battle against the homie Dibiase, he came to the crib the day before to make beats and trade ideas, its funny, i think we were battling each other with ideas the whole night, he crashed out on the floor in the lab, and i crashed out while making a beat! lol the next morning he asked to hear what i made in my sleep, he was BLOWN AWAY! i think it shook his confidence a little for our battle in which i beat him...

at that battle, i met the homie Sol Eternity, who i had been a fan of FOR YEARS before the battle, seeing his excitement when I introduced myself to him was huge for me, he was like "dude! I've been following your battles, I'm a big fan bro!!" crazy!

Thats whats up!!!!! Alright , final question, where can folks go to get Poetiq's Beetz and catch some quality mixing?
Werd! the best way to catch me is by facebook or twitter but if anybody wants to get at me for mixing they can email me at

Thank you for giving me some of your time.
All good bro!

Peep Joints from PoetiqBeetz on SOUNDCLOUD and also BANDCAMP
PoetiqBeetz FACEBOOK

Can you give us a little backround on K.Pizzle.
K.P./K.Pizzle. I Make Beats/I Make And Spin Records in the 559. Fresno California. Name came from drum and bass DJ Hyena. We took an art class in High School and he started a comic character named KavorkianPorkian based around me. So just rolled with it, later shortened it down to K.P. and now K.Pizzle. Anyhow, been at it since High School keeping Head Nodding And Bodies Rocking.

Man, Tri Deez Nutz, you been working killer! Love the beats. What do you feel is the most important first step in creating a beat for you?
TRI Deez Nutz Was like 3 years of feeling it, to not feeling it, to feeling it. maybe cause i didn't know where to start i would just go at it and force a beat out. lately i just been making them when i feel like making them. making sure i have everything i need for the next 3 hours so i don't have to leave the room. get lifted and dig. so probably just gettin' my head right and relaxing

You are also a D.J. Where do you dig?
I spin records. where ever there's wax I'll usually get my fingers tips dusty. I'm a collector tho. you know when you go to a record shop, and you keep seeing the same records? well I'm the dude who keeps buying it. i swear i have like 10 of the same Eddie Fisher "Bring Back the Thrill" album. not cause its dope, i just got tired of seeing it in there for 25 cents. fuck it, ill cop it for a quarter. I'm a collector of wax.

I can dig it. I have a grip of Bob James One albums for the same reason. Tell us about 3am.
The mighty mighty 3AM started with Miguel and Awbskure. we all knew each other for years. While working on Shon J's "2U" project Miguel was like, "yo, Lets just called this crew 3AM Crew (Shon J, Awbskure, Miguel, And Myself)." Basically because were all doing the same thing making beats and what not. but yeah it really started with Miguel and Awbskure. They been grinding for years working with DJ Khalil, Muggs, El Prez, Cali Agents, UNI, etc. They got a project coming out soon called "Mercy Chords" which hopefully will be dropping on the soul Assassins Label.

Damn, thats awesome. So, beat battles, you have been a serious competitor in all of the battles I've had. How many have you been in? Whats your take on the beat battle scene?
I think i have been in like 2 or 3 of your battles and i love them! I wish we had the same scene here in my town. The first one i was in of yours was the King Of Monster Beat Battle when you had Exile out there in Tracy. and me and Poetiq in The finals. that was some shit. Yeah, I love Beat Battles/showcases. If it wasn't for the beat battle scene no one would know the cute son of a bitch named pizzle ha.

The Future, where does it lead?
Idk really, I'm just gonna keep knocking out beats. Got some beats to a few artist and crews so hopefully I get some placements. New Beat c.d coming soon along with a series of mix tapes. Other than that waiting for u to invite me back to the 209.

Word life. You will 1st on my list! Thanks for your time broski.

If you would like to get at K.Pizzle, hit him on FACEBOOK

So you are a part of RESONATE. What is RESONATE?
RESONATE is a monthly Northern California event dedicated to the evolution of beats. It happens every first Saturday of the month at the Matinee Bar in Stockton, CA. This is our 3rd year and we've got some dope shit planned.

Dope shit planned !?! Details, we need details. Any leaks of info for the onlookers?
Aural Stimuli vol.2 is in the works. We're looking to drop that in May. And as always, we've got some dope artists coming out to Resonate this year. February 4th, we've got Secret Sidewalk & Devonwho coming out. You can stay up to date with what's going on our fb page,
I recently downloaded a mix you did on the Resonate Soundcloud page. You obviously D.j, do you make your own beats?
I'm definitely going to make some time this year to start making more beats. Just need to lock myself in the studio for couple weeks and see what happens. lol.

Can you name some of the acts that have performed at Resonate?
Honestly, every time I look at this list, I'm dumbfounded yet thankful that these peeps have come out and wrecked shit at Resonate:
D-Styles, DJ Centipede / Mophono, Secret Sidewalk, P.U.D.G.E., Dibiase, Jonwayne, DNAEBEATS, Shlohmo
Ras G, Devonwho, Squareweezy, Edison, DJ Nobody, Nocando, MONO/POLY, DoseOne, Free the Robots , Jel, Joob
AL_PD, mndsgn, Benito, Joe Mousepad, Boom Baptist, B. Lewis, Insightful, Co.fee, Knxwledge, T.Scott

Wowsers, all ridiculous pro's at killin beats. I see a bunch of my favorite producers on this list. Who would you like to get to come out to a Resonate function and perform that you havent yet worked with?
Umm, off the top, I would say Nosaj Thing, Tokimonsta, Daddy Kev, NastyNasty, Eprom. So many to name. We've still got time to make it happen lol.

Alright BDot, one last question, what crew in Stockton Ca has the number one set and sound?
As far as sound goes, we've invested a lot of $ in our sound. The kind of beats we & our guests play are bass heavy so we made sure that our sound compliments that.

I can vouch for that! Thank you for your time and keep me updated on all your upcoming events and releases.
No doubt bruh. Thanks for your support.

All day!!!

Check out RESONATE in Stockton California the first Saturday of the month for the Boom the Boom.
So, how long have you been rapping?
Since 1997 (really taking it serious)

You have been making waves for a while now. Whats your motivation?
Respect... I'm trying to gather as much as i can, it's like my treasure hunt. I want people to tell my kids how passionate I was @ trying to move people. I want to connect with everyone... by giving them all i have, the pain, the laughter, the confusion, the confidence, the love & the hate... if i can do that, then I've done it all... material isn't a legacy.. and that's what i want... to have a legacy...that lives on, when I'm gone.

Im a fan of Squalid. What will I be seeing in the near future? Any upcoming albums, mixtapes, ect?
I'm finishing an album called "If time had a place" prod. by Drew James of Polygraph Music & I have 3 ep's to finish this year... I will also put out a free online mix of past tracks & songs "Without A Home" per say, launch my website...merch & more music videos etc..I'm trying a lot harder to pretend I'm relevant

You have quite a collection of Fun Facts about yourself. What is the one that stands out from the rest? The most important Fun Fact about Squalid.
Hmmmmm? Now I wish I kept better track of them.. I would have to say all of them are important if you give a shit about me on any level at all... because there all honest. details, opinions, experiences, 100% real 100% me. no matter how annoying, strange or uninteresting they may be.

Last question. Who are your biggest influences in this music thing?
There isn't one thing that hasn't or doesn't influence me. The icons, the has beens, the never was, the trends, the gimmicks, the greed of it, corporate influence etc. Everything we see & hear & feel is an influence & my kids... I watch what they like... what makes them move. the songs they like. I love to watch them sing my songs & ask me questions..The "whys" & the "whats"etc. People without children will never understand that. Being a father puts you that much closer to the ground... (trying to keep up with this music shit, is the biggest influence)

Good answer. Thank you for your time broski. By the way, keep getting influenced cause you got heart and soul.
Thx brother

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