Quality Control Marketing and SAE San Francisco present Live from the Control Room Session One featuring Moe Green from Vallejo, CA and producer Cache repping Tracy, CA. Filmed by none other than Casual, the Hieroglyphics Rap God, this session and track were recorded at the SAE San Francisco campus, by SAE students. SAE San Francisco is the newest campus in SAE's long legacy of training students for success in the Audio and Entertainment Industries. The top notch studio facilities are used for education purposes only and students never have to worry about losing out valuable practical time to commercial projects. The SAE staff are dedicated to the success of their students and work with them to develop their personal interests in recording, producing, mixing and mastering great music.

The video and track are the result of the "Live from the Control Room" Beat Battle which took place late 2011 at 330 Ritch in San Francisco. Cache was one of the finalists and decided to pair up with Moe Green, who was a judge and performer. The song will be featured on the "Live from the Control Room" EP along with the other participants including A-Plus of the legendary Souls of Mischief/Hieroglyphics crew, Lateef the Truthspeaker, of Latyrx/Quannum fame, and Fillmore's own DaVinci, known as one of San Francisco's most capable lyricists. The winning producers, Cache, Poetiq Beetz, Lambo Got Em' and Ion the Prize provide the backdrops and the Bay's finest hold down the rhymes. Stay tuned for Sessions 2-4, the videos (all shot by Casual) and the official release of the "Live from the Control Room" EP coming in the upcoming months. Make sure you log onto www.livefromthecontrolroom.com and http://us.sae.edu/San-Francisco/ for any and all info.
"Suicide is Played Out" by Z-Man, produced by Gpek.
Video by Laura Weyl (Metagasm)
Whats up in your world today?
Just dropped "Trip To The Moon" my instrumental LP. Currently working with Yelo bLack on our album. We go by DumbNice. Also gonna drop this project with this cat Jubien called "Soul Gutter" im producing all the beats on both projects. I also work with Japan native Takuma The Great who just got best newcomer in Japan's hip hop world. I produced like 4 tracks for his debut album and producing 6-7 tracks for his sophomore album! Gonna be out in Japan in the summer doing some shows. Other than that, just making beats and doing beat battles...

Damn, thats a lot of work. You are definetly a busy dude.
I first heard of you last year when your last project, "Break Bread" dropped. I think my boy Drake Blackmon turned me on to it. Real dope beats and Sean Price on the first joint. How did that come about?
Well I usually try to get 1 feature for each project. My project before break bread was Gems. I had nocando & Franco as the feature. I reached out to a few artist for break bread and was able to get in contact with Sean P and he blessed me with a verse. For Trip To The Moon I was thinking of artists and Soul Khan came to my mind. Thought he was the perfect fit for my beats. I talked to his manager then ended up talking to him. I sent out 4 beats to him and he layed down an ill verse on the beat I was hoping he choosed! Dude is a humble guy!

He is a beast as well.

Where do you start when making beats?
I use reason 5 & recycle. So I chop the sample first... Then might lay the drums first or lay the sample first depends at the time. I do it all on my Akai MPK... Then add the bass and touches at the end!

How many Beat Battles have you been in?
Started to join beat battles last year... Ive been in like 6-7 battles...

Do you find yourself creating beats especially for battles or do you use beats that you have created that you think will win?
I'll create beats for the battles, but I also use ones that I've made already that are battle worthy

Who are some folks ( Rappers, Singers, Producers) you would like to work with in the future?
Rappers? I would say, Ab-Soul, Illmaculate & Sene. Producers, Swiff D. Dude is a beast

Last question, when are you gonna be a part of one of my beat battles? Hahahaha
Haha!! When's the next one?? I'm down! Right now I'm only doin Urban Undergeound beat battles & Chinkyeyed for the la area. All the other ones are janky lol

OOOOO WOrd!! You will definitely know when the next one hits! Thank you for giving us some insight into the world of JUELS and keep making moves.

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Funky Grooves, FREE MIXO.
I love it when cats hit me like, " I got a buncha FREE DOWNLOADS also". KEEP EM COMING!!!!! Thank you to Lane Kerans for reaching out. Peace
More mini mixes Please.
Wanja Lange always keeps me up on dope hip hop. Peep her FACEBOOK.