Your from Toronto, Ontario right? Whats the beat scene up there like?
There is a scene but it is not as big as I want it to be. I guess it really depends on what kind of beat you wanna hear. A few years years back a friend and I went to a battle and got boo'd off stage. The winner was some southern lil wayne style beat. It was sad.

OOOO wow. That can happen.
I first ran across your music on Myspace. I was super duper hype on your videos thoe. Did you get some formal training or did you just pick that up yourself?
Thx a lot man. Just wait until you see what's in store. With the videos I really just picked it up on my own (with years of practice). I've got some video stuff in the works. MySpace. Its been a while.
Do you make and sell videos to people?
Well in the past I have made videos for people for free. Nowadays Im really busy with work, FutureScience, 9planets, 16mb, my rap, my videos and my family. Its really time consuming. If the beat was right I might do one for a fee but to be honest my new video technique is min 2 months a project so unless your a FutureScience artist Its really hard for me to do.

Tell us more about FutureScience.
Were a independant label based in Toronto. We release cassettes and have t-shirts. Next year we will have vinyl. We have some really dope artists involved and to date have released tapes from 9p, Prof.Logik, Ackryte/Culprit, Sir-Bliv and a comp. We have a lot of crazy stuff coming out this year. The next release is a dpee tape in 3D. Krutty Ranks (other half of 16mb) has recently joined forces with me on FutureScience. My Daughter "Lil Pluto" has also released a split cassette with me on FutureScience. Not to mention we have the illest Art director in the business "Warm Thighs"

If "WARM THIGHS" did your logo, your right!
What is the best way for someone to hear the projects FutureScience has released?
Actually AL_PD designed the logo. Warm Thighs paints 99% of our covers. He has done all but Ninetendo and the Wholly Rollers LP. We are working on getting our site up soon but for now cassettes and digitals can be heard on our bandcamp

OOO Nice. AL_PD seems to have his hands in a lot of projects. Any touring in the future (maybe California) hint hint?
He is quite the popular guy indeed. Future touring is def something on our minds. We are still a fresh label but it is something we are looking into. Im working on a tour grant. Cali would be the first place on my list

If you get that cracking let me know for sure. Any shout outs?
Shout out to my Daughter and everyone involved in FutureScience and to all the supporters. Also big shout out to Mary Jane for always being there for me. I will keep you posted!

Thank you for your time bro and much respect.
Thank you man. Quantum Physics for life.

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